3D Printed Face Shields

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3D Printed Face Shields

3D Printed face shields for healthcare workers during the Covid19 outbreak!

As we know that in the situation of the Corona Virus Crisis, the doctors and policemen and sanitation workers are doing efforts to control the situation, but they have less Protective equipment for their protection (PPE).

So the 3D printing Community making the face shield for them. We share the data of 3D print to 3D printer community, colleges, and peoples which have 3D printers so they can print the face shields and donate to the nearest hospital.

3D Printed Face Shields

We are making these face shields as second-layer protection for healthcare workers. The face mask has a short lifeline and these shields will withstand longer 

Face shields — in addition to N95 face masks, gowns and gloves — are part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) that doctors and nurses desperately need as
they treat patients with COVID-19, the disease caused by a coronavir

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Download the 3D file of Face Shield:-


Other Link :-https://bit.ly/2yC4lED

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