Automated Chrome Dino Game using Arduino

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Automated Chrome Dino Game using Arduino

Automated Chrome Dino Game using Arduino :

 Hey, guy’s welcome back to Techeonics in this article we will make an Automated Chrome Dino (T.rex) Game using Arduino this Automated Dino Game is very easy to make In a few steps. To make this automated dino game I am using Arduino UNO you can also use Arduino nano.

Needed Components:

  1. Arduino UNO: BUY NOW
  2. Servo Motor: BUY NOW
  3. 10K Resistor: BUY NOW

Project Circuit Diagram :-


Put the LDR on the screen of the laptop .

When dark spot comes in front of the LDR. The LDR sends the signal to Arduino Analog Pin A0 then Arduino gives a single to digital pin 9 to activate the Servo.

And just that this is the circuit. it keeps on working again and again. So how easy was it to make it? Do share this project friend.
And if you have any doubts related to this project, then do let me know.

Watch Full Video on This Project on Our Channel (TECHEONICS) :-


Download The Code From Here

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